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PONYAIR Industrial Belt Drive Two Stage Air Compressors

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The difference between single stage and tow stage is how many times that air gets compressed between the tool nozzle and inlet valve. In a two stage air compressor, the air is compressed twice in order to double the pressure. The power of a compressor is measured in HP(horsepower).

MOTOR : 3HP (2.2KW)
CYL.NO. : L*2 . H*1
DISPLACEMENT: 350 l/min ( 12.3CFM )
WORKING PRESSURE: 16kg/cm2 (227psi)
TANK CAP. : 100Liter
APPROX : 113kg  
PACKAGE : L113*W43*H80 (cm)

MOTOR : 5HP (3.7KW)
DISPLACEMENT: 572 l/min ( 20.2CFM )
WORKING PRESSURE: 16kg/cm2 (227psi)
TANK CAP. : 160Liter
APPROX: 210kg   
PACKAGE: L156*W60*H113 (cm)

MOTOR : 10HP (7.5KW)
CYL.NO. : L*2 . H*1
DISPLACEMENT: 1090 l/min ( 38.5CFM )
WORKING PRESSURE: 16kg/cm2 (227psi)
TANK CAP. : 304Liter
APPROX: 410kg   
PACKAGE: L194*W73*H137 (cm)

MOTOR : 15HP (11KW)
DISPLACEMENT: 1600 l/min ( 56.5CFM )
WORKING PRESSURE: 16kg/cm2 (227psi)
TANK CAP. : 304Liter
APPROX: 510kg   
PACKAGE: L194*W78*H145 (cm)

MOTOR : 4HP ( 3KW )
CYL.NO. : L*2 . H*1
DISPLACEMENT: 365 l/min ( 12.9CFM )
WORKING PRESSURE: 15kg/cm2 (215psi)
TANK CAP. : 39Liter * 2
APPROX : 113kg  
PACKAGE : L110 * W69 * H60 (cm)

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